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Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham

Not That Kind of Girl: A young woman tells you what she's "learned" - Lena Dunham

I found this book not knowing what to expect because I did not know anything about Lena Dunham. I had heard about this book a lot and it interested me, so I bought it and started to read it. To my surprise, it has become one of my favorite books up to date. Dunham writes about her experiences of growing into a young woman. The book is always funny and I find myself laughing out loud in public because of her brutally honest experiences. Her style of writing is very intriguing and exciting as she throws you many curve balls you did not expect coming. Not That Kind of Girl is extremely relatable to most any young woman just going through life. It makes you feel like your not alone because Lena has most likely been through the same things, and her experiences you will find are probably a little bit more brutal. I enjoyed this book very much and will continue to follow Lena Dunham's creations as they come.